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Infections That Spread By Using Dirty Toilet

  • Published in Health
A dry floor, dry and shining closet seat and a fresh smell of air freshener! Do you feel that this public toilet is as good as the one you have at you home? If you think yes, it is high time for you to know that you are wrong.

Public bathrooms have the most amount of hidden germs. No matter how clean it is, you are still sharing that space with a whole lot of people. You are sharing toilets with people who have infectious diseases as well. So there is no doubt that you are under the risk of getting infections that may spread by using dirty toilets.

Obviously, always prefer dry and clean toilets. But, along with that you have to take care of your personal hygiene as well. Just sitting on the seat is not going to make you sick directly, unless you have an open wound. But, at the same time some diseases like Hepatitis A can be spread very easily, even through the door handles.

Wash your hands and use sanitizer every time you use the washroom. When you are using a public facility, prefer a clean bathroom. Never use a dirty toilet as there are a whole lot of infections lurking in it. You need to be careful, especially with kids, while using public toilets.

If you are wondering how many infections can spread by using dirty toilets, the following is the list.

Streptococcus infection
This is referred to as strep and is a bacteria. These cause infections that can spread by using dirty toilets. The diseases that are caused by them are strep throat, scarlet fever and skin infections. These can also cause urinary tract infections, blood infections and pneumonia.

Hepatitis A infection
If you are wondering how many infections can spread by using dirty toilets, Hepatitis A is the most common. The symptoms are fever, nausea and abdominal cramps. These transmitted from feces of people who are infected. These can also spread by sharing common buckets or mugs.

Colds and Flu
This is another virus infection that can spread by using dirty toilets. Even at home, when a person has flu, you will notice that the entire household gets it. The same goes with using a public toilet. Headache, fever, blocked or running nose are all symptoms of this infection.

Staphylococcus infection
This is commonly known as staph infection. These are a group of bacteria that cause a multitude of diseases. These can cause direct infection and a few months are necessary for recovery. They can be acquired from a public toilet. 

E-coli infection
When you are considering how many infections can spread by using dirty toilets, e-coli bacteria takes the priority. These infections can lead to bloody stools, abdominal cramps and vomiting. You will usually take a week to recover from the infection. Door handles are the area, which has the most amount of these bacteria. So the next time you use one, be very careful.

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