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Remedies For Leg Cramps At Night

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Have you ever experienced leg cramps and pain at bedtime or during night? This is common thing that the muscles of your leg will get tightened and can pose no such health threat. They mostly occur in thighs, feet and calf muscles. This can be a very annoying condition and may disturb your sleep.

Normally, when we are tired and exhausted during the day, we get these cramps in night. They may also occur due to deficiency of some essential nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Leg cramps can also occur due to strenuous exercise, pregnancy and dehydration.

Having a diet rich in these nutrients can help alleviate this pain. However, there could be an underlying health issue that is causing leg cramps.

There are some simple steps you can take to prevent the cramps and ease their onset. In some cases, it's also important to look for the underlying cause and address it. If you are having severe and continuous leg cramps and muscle weakness, you must consult a doctor.

Here are some best remedies for leg cramps.

Warm Shower Or Hot Pad
Take a warm shower or put hot water on your legs. This will soothe the muscles and give much relief. You can also put a hot water bottle near at the painful area.

Calcium Rich Foods
You can have milk, dairy products and other foods rich in calcium. You can have calcium supplements too. Having a glass of warm milk at bedtime is the best cure.

Chamomile Tea
You must drink 3-4 cups of chamomile tea for two weeks to get relief from leg cramps. It will relax the leg muscles and also increases the levels of amino acid glycine which relieves spasm and pain

Massage The Tightened Muscle
Massaging and stretching the painful muscles can help you to get rid of pain and cramps. Massaging increases blood circulation and eases pain.

Potassium And Magnesium
You can have foods such as nuts, beans, whole-grain bread, bananas and oranges. These foods are rich in potassium and magnesium. The deficiency of these can also cause leg cramps.

Lavender Oil Or Rosemary Oil
Massage the painful area with these oils to get relief from pain and spasm. First warm the oil and then massage the legs. After massaging wrap a towel on the legs to get relief for longer time.

Raspberry Tea
Make raspberry tea by boiling water and add one teaspoon of red raspberry tea to it. Drink it every morning and evening to get relief from leg pain.

Mustard Oil
You can replace your cooking oil with mustard oil. It contains acetic acid and the deficiency of this substance in the body may also be a reason for leg cramps. You can also have some pickles as they are also rich in acetic acid.

They are rich in magnesium and potassium. Eating bananas daily can help you get rid of leg cramps. Have two to three bananas daily to ease cramps during night.

Strenuous exercise, Pregnancy, dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, nutritional deficiency. There can be some serious reasons like kidney disease, thyroid disease and liver issues. It can also be due to heart problems such as peripheral arterial disease.

Medicines That Cause Leg Cramps
Birth control pills, drugs used for depression, steroids and medicines that lower cholesterol are some of the drugs that can cause leg cramps. Talk to your doctor about them for more information.

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