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Don’t run this time or I will marry you: Daadi warns Kejrival

New Delhi: Popularly known among Trilokpuri residents as Daadi, 60-year-old Basanti danced around with two brooms mounted on long bamboo sticks. On Tuesday, she led a group of Aam Aadmi Party supporters who celebrated outside a vote counting centre in Akshardham.


“I have forgiven Kejriwal, but if he runs away from responsibilities again, tell him that I will catch him and marry him,” said Basanti while waving the two brooms. 

Having worked with Anna Hazare since the start of the anti-corruption campaign, she campaigned for the party during the last polls too, but was left disappointed. 

“But Arvind Kejriwal visited my locality recently and promised to take along the transgender community” she said.

Trilokpuri residents gathered near the counting centre said Basanti had mobilised her 125 “chelas”, all kinnars, to campaign for Raju Dhingan, AAP candidate from the seat. 

“Whenever she called out to residents, they would arrive and spend two-three hours at a stretch planning the campaign,” said Shehzad, an AAP supporter from Trilokpuri.
When communal riots hit Trilokpuri few months back Daadi played a chief role in dispersing the rioting crowd. Locals recount how she and others had confronted rioters and then went about bringing peace in the area. Some transgenders had threatened to strip if the rioting mob moved any further. “Daadi  folded her hands and asked the Hindus and Muslims on the opposite sides to return to their homes,” said another resident Arvind Pal.

“When the rioters returned to their homes, I swept the  broken glass from the road. Some glass pieces accidentally pierced my leg, but I continued with the cleaning work to convey to the rioters the damage they had done to the society,” said Basanti.

 “The BJP and Congress did nothing for the transgenders, but I have confidence in the AAP government,” she said.
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