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Engineer held for posting obscene child pictures in whatsapp

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Chennai: What seems to be the first case of arrest in India connected to posting child porn picture in WhatsApp group, an engineer working with a engineering consultancy firm in Chennai was arrested by the cyber sleuths of the state CB-CID on Thursday.

Police identified the arrested as C. Vetrivel, a native of Ariyalur district and residing in KK Nagar, Chennai. “Vetrivel, a married man, claimed he had by mistake posted the obscene picture in office WhatsApp group instead of another group which consisted only male members. The arrest was based on a complaint from a woman colleague of the arrested man,” the police said.

The CB-CID received a complaint on Wednesday from the woman employee of the engineering consultancy company located at Nandanam saying that she as member of a WhatsApp group of employees in her office on July 29 received obscene photographs of a girl child with a comment ‘how is it?’ from another member, who turned out to be Vetrivel.

“Of course it was not his child’s picture. But, he has taken picture of somebody else’s daughter. We have seized the mobile phone used to take the picture as well as used to send the image,” the police said.

Vetrivel is the fifth person to get arrested in last three months by TN CB-CID in connection with posting obscene pictures of young girls in social media and WhatsApp group. Four persons were earlier arrested for either creating Facebook pages, which were pedophilic in nature or posting vulgar comments on such pages.

“You should remember that WhatsApp groups are also public forum where you have to maintain socially acceptable decency, before posting any kind of messages or photos or videos. Otherwise you may land in trouble,” a cyber crime cell officer said.
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India still vulnerable to attacks like 26/11: Report

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New Delhi: In a damning revelation, a top Ministry of Defence (MoD) official has been quoted in a Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Report on the ‘Role and Functioning of the Coast Guard’ as saying that a 26/11-type attack can be repeated by terrorists since boats can still come in undetected despite increased monitoring by the coastal security mechanism.

Meanwhile, another report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Defence on Thursday reportedly criticised the Defence Ministry for “milking existing resources” to raise a mountain strike corps aimed at countering China.

So far as the PAC report on the Coast Guard is concerned, the top MoD official was quoted in the report as saying, “Now we have these two lakh boats; and just about anybody can go and come as and when he pleases. I have no system of monitoring it although the fishermen’s Identity Cards are being issued.... The boats have no identification method.

For example, what is the origin of that boat and so on? Now, it is really beyond the human capacity of any border guarding force to look at every boat every day and find out whether there is a risk or there is no risk... When we receive a threat or a credible information, we would immediately increase our patrolling in the waters... But that itself may not prove to be always enough. Therefore, if you ask me a very specific question that ‘Can 26/11 be repeated? Can a boat get in without being detected?’ Within the confines of this room, Sir, my answer would still be yes. We apprehend that. We have to improve. We have to improve much more. Therefore, what I feel is that other than the assets, there is a whole lot of work, which needs to be done by the Coast Guard to achieve that level.”
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International Bunts welfare trust pays tribute to demised souls

  • Published in Mangaluru
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Mangaluru: International bunts welfare trust paid tribute to former president of India late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, poet Nadoja Kayyara Kinnanna Rai and former president of bunts assciation Jayapal Shetty on Thursday August 13.

A homage was paid to Ranganath Hegde, Yashwanti Alwa, dance master Vittala Shetty, dance teacher Jayalaxmi Alwa, Mulky Padmavathy Poonja, Mohan Shetty, Choutara mane Laxman Shetty and others.

Speaking on the occasion president of International bunts welfare trust, Sadanand Shetty said, it is Gods will that every creature that is born must die one day. But achieving something and making people remember for you ever makes life complete.

Executive president of the trust Amarnath Shetty, office bearers Paralegutthu Bhujanga Shetty, Kodnalgutthu Ramachandra Shetty, Chittaranjan Rai, president of youth wing of the trust Devicharan Shetty, Jayaraj Rai and other were present.

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Deer dies after falling into the pond in Puttur

  • Published in D.K.
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Puttur: A deer died after falling into the pond located in a private land in Idyadka in Keyyur village here on the night of Wednesday August 12. The incident came to light on the morning of Thursday.

The dead body of a deer was found in the pond located in the areca plantation of Babu Naika in Idyadka. After noticing the dead deer Babu naik informed the matter to the locals and the forest department.

On getting the information zonal forest officer of Narimogru, Venkappa K, forest guard Santosh and staff Shankar visited the spot and lifted the deadbody of the dear from the pond with the help of the locals.

The post mortam of the dear was conducted at veterinary hospital and later was burreid in the government land in Bannur.

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