What does 5G mean for the environment?

While 5G networks are getting better in terms of services and coverage, the significant points of interest are the environmental impact that projects have. This concern comes together with the potential need to reduce the carbon emissions realized from the project. Following the shift to 5g networks, communication companies continue joining environmental conservation efforts. One such company is vertical Bridge. 

Vertical Bridge focuses on reduced levels of carbon emissions to the environment. While the company has a better understanding of the 5G market, it teamed up with other projects to become the first carbon-neutral company in the world. This outcome comes by supporting projects that work to reduce environmental degradation 

According to the Vertical and Bridge’s CEO, the company’s efforts constitute a significant contribution to restoring balance to the environment. The company is proud of its position and hopes that other parties in the communications sector will follow the example. With all the changes coming in the communications industry there is a need for increased efforts in ESG projects 

The company currently boasts in industry-leading efforts of managing energy conservation through small initiatives. These initiatives include projects like changing light fittings on aviation platforms from previous heavy-duty lighting options to LED options that significantly lower the cost of energy used in lighting. 

According to the Vertical Bridge CEO Borghei, such a slight change in the operating infrastructure has resulted in reduced operational costs. The company also changed gas-dependent generators formerly to environment-friendly propane fuel and has also provided avenues for development of the renewable energy technologies 

Increasing conversion to renewable energy technologies also provides the company with a better solution to the company’s need for cost-efficient methods of service. Vertical Bridge hopes to integrate the practice as a production norm. By providing an example to the benefits of environmental management practices, more companies will be able to help in environmental conservation 

Borghei urges other companies to use these methods and provide a solution to the current environmental issues that need to be solved. According to Borghei, the practice is a source of motivation for the company at large and employees individually. Following the desk, Vertical Bridge secured a $534million worth of funding in terms of asset-backed securitization

The communications landscape is rapidly changing. As innovations keep turning up, the need to protect the environment seems more apparent. While 5G networks hold promise for the next best frontier in communications, the main factor that comes into question is if humanity will have to trade in technological development for the environment