Japan desire for Green energy is on during the 20202 Olympic Games

In the past weeks, there have been changes in the 2020 Olympic Games, which were to occur this year at Tokyo japan to later dates. The change of dates led to a big story within the renewable energy department. Now the Olympic Games might take place from 23rd July to 6th August next year (2021) followed by the Paralympic games from 24th August and 5th September the same year. According to the plans in Tokyo, the Olympic Games were a celebration of eco-friendly energy. They were to mark a great insight into the actual renewable energy state in the whole nation according to the stories in Japan.

Even if the games happen in 2021, its name will remain as Tokyo 2020. The city has to wait for one year for the games to occur officially, and now the country has to concentrate on the possible achievements it has made on the renewable energy sector. Tokyo should also focus on the goals it had put in place and compare them with Rio 2016, which had renewables energy goals; it should also put the Paris consideration in a place where the 2024 Olympics will take place.  

Most of the venues that will host the Olympic Games, such as the New Olympic Stadium launched in 2019, the Ariake Arena, and the Tokyo Aquatics Centre, have installed many solar panels. The solar panel system is different from each venue because of the technology, and the solar panels on the stadiums have a reinforcement of Geothermal energy that heating and cooling in the stadium. On the other hand, the notable Musashino forest sports plaza is using both the solar water heating system and solar generation.  

The development has helped Japan to achieve its mission of having 100 percent renewable electricity in the Olympic Games at Tokyo 2020 stadiums. Renewable energy will be both on permanent and temporary venues. After the end of the Tokyo 2020 games, Japan will display more opportunities for its dominant renewable energy sector in another place, like the use in the marine through the installation of power. The site where the claim originated in the Aichi Prefecture, which is at the center of Honshu, which will have the world’s most extensive floating solar installation panels. Tokyo news said various other things would follow the displaying of the solar panels at the national tally. Culturally Japan has the most reliable brand because of its cool platform. This vision sells Japan as one of the friendly nations.